Sunday, August 22, 2010

how about an overdue wedding update?

i know you're all just chomping at the bit to know what's going to happen and when, hee hee, so i thought i'd let you in on the current plans. 

the truth is, if i had my way, i'd find a cute dress and take D to the courthouse where fifteen minutes later we would emerge as legal spouses.  while the idea of this appeals to D's fiscal sensibilities, it does not appeal to his romantic nature.  yeah, it's weird that he's more into having a "wedding" than i am, but if that's what i have to complain about (and not, say, a porn addiction), then boo hoo, woe is me.  i don't want having a tiny, courthouse wedding to be one of those things that he regrets later.  i also really don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding.  or rather, a wedding reception, because we all know that's where the money goes.

while D has agreed to the courthouse gig, i know his heart isn't in it.  i told him last night that i don't want to get married next month, i don't want to rush it, and that i think we should just go ahead and take some time to come up with a plan that will make both of us happy, and satisfy our parents as well.  i won't get my planned elopement, but i also won't have to parade down an aisle in a ridiculous white dress, so we're both getting more of what we want.   i think the best thing to do is find a cute little grange out here, set a date, and then rally the troops to help us make a wedding day we can all enjoy.  my sister and mom can do the food, D's folks can help with the invites and decorations, we can enlist friends and family to help us set things up, and we can save our money for a place of our own while still celebrating our relationship and family.

a few months ago i broke up with wedding websites and magazines; since then i've felt a lot calmer and relaxed about having an actual wedding.  i don't feel as rushed or freaked out, and i think i'm also a lot more open to different ideas. i think as long as we're all there, there are nibbles and flowers and the people we care about, the day will be just fine.  cross your fingers!   

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Tonya said...

I think the grange and family-involved reception sounds perfect! Because it should all really be a lot of FUN.