Tuesday, February 15, 2011

felled by an ugly bug

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

the day started out pretty awesome.  i made an old-school potato stamp, and decorated some bags of candy for my little family.  no one got anything too big; just some candy and a cute toy.  i did get D a small book, scenes from an impending marriage by adrian tomine, but let's be honest: that was as much for me as him.
in return, i got some candy and kisses from my sweetie as well. 
i made a beautiful dinner.  roasted some beets for a salad, mixed them with baby greens, candied walnuts (that i candied!), gorgonzola and a homemade vinaigrette.  i had picked up some tiny sirloin steaks to serve as well, which D was on top of. everyone was in a great mood, dinner was coming along beautifully, and then my wedding dress showed up!

it's gorgeous.  simple and pretty and worth every penny.  even without the fancy undergarments, the dress fit well and held all my parts and pieces up and made it all look good.  if i don't lose another pound between here and the wedding, that's okay, because really, this dress looks amazing.  i can see now why a dress that makes you feel so pretty is such a big deal when planning your wedding.  it felt good to wear something so well made and so flattering.

we were all happy about the dress, dinner was delicious and then we got settled in on the couch to watch a little adventure time when it hit me.  my stomach started to feel weird, but i thought maybe i was just really full.  then it started cramping.  then i realized that my chances of keeping down my carefully prepared, lovely and yummy meal were slim to none.  i spent the rest of the night in the bathroom, throwing up any and everything that had crossed my lips for the past 48 hours.  i don't know what caused it, but no one else got it, so hooray!  i spent the night on the couch, awake every thirty minutes, heading to the bathroom, drinking pepto and then heading back to the couch to writhe around in agony.  so romantic, right?  boo.  i'm feeling a bit better now; i spent the day asleep on the couch, ate a little bread and didn't hurl it up (although my stomach did react at first with something akin to indignation), and D is going to bring home some juice for me.  the cat seemed pleased to have a napping friend all day, even if she does hog one whole end of the couch.  i'll go back to work tomorrow, once this bug works it way through my south of the border.  oh yeah, it's that awesome.  ugh.  it was a nice valentine's day, aside from the vomit, but we all know that the vomit will be well-remembered.        

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Mary W said...

Sounds like what my husband and I had over the past month, but we live on the opposite side of the country. Beets. That must have been scary.

So glad that you love your dress.