Wednesday, February 09, 2011

no awards for me tonight!

the kids are duking it out over whose turn it is to do dishes.  i told them they had to work out amongst themselves, i am not the dishes police.  honestly, i don't know whose night it is, but it's someone's!  if they don't get them done by the time dad comes home, he can deal with them.  amen.

although i did make both a nutritious and delicious dinner tonight.  baked pasta goodness, or as i like to refer to it "cheater lasagna."  boil noodles (i like the high fiber penne).  take one jar of sauce and add it to a mess of veggies you have lightly sauteed (tonight it was mushrooms, yellow squash, and one block frozen spinach).  add a can of tomato sauce (or another jar of sauce, depending on what you have!).  season the hell out of it.  spray a big square baking dish with cooking spray so stuff doesn't stick too bad.  put a thin layer of sauce down, then a layer of noodles.  add dollops of ricotta cheese.  fancy chefs call them "quenelle" but i call them "dollops."  this part is kind of fun; you run into these soft pillows of ricotta throughout the casserole, and they make a nice contrast with the sauce and noodles.  layer some more sauce, some more noodles, some more dollops of ricotta, and cover with another bit of sauce.  top with shredded mozzarella, or provolone, and bake in a 350 degree oven until it's warm all the way through.  ta dah!  the awesome thing about cheater lasagna is that you can use whatever pasta and veggies you have on hand, you can add meatballs or sausage if you have those, you don't have to worry about breaking long noodles, and it's crazy easy.  honestly, you can mush it all together and bake it and it's still delicious.  you don't even need the ricotta; i've added little cubes of mozzarella here and there and the kids loved that too.

overall, boring stuff going on over here.  working on wedding stuff, working at work, working out more often than usual.  i've done a small purge of stuff (books and clothes mainly) and that feels good.  i bought ridiculous wedding underwear (hoop skirt holla!) and have read way too many horror short stories for my own good.  any ladies out there have recommendations for strapless bras that actually make a woman's boobs look awesome?  i'm finding them all to have not enough support or to smoosh the girls beyond recognition.  i don't want to spend a million dollars but then again, i'm hoping this wedding will be all about my boobs, so i'll spend money to make them look awesome.  ha!  i joke.  we all know the wedding is about booty.  (no really, it is all about my boobs.)    


Mary W said...

You need a long-line strapless, aka corset. They come backless.

Doing the wedding planning on your own is hard, especially if you don't want what the industry wants you to want. My thoughts are with you. I remember the shop clerks ignoring us because I was picking out silverware with my fiance instead of my mother/sister/auntie.

Anne said...

Talk to Lisa about bras. She's the tata queen. I think the wedding should be all about your boobs. Isn't your dress nothing but a platter for your delicious ladies?

Lisa said...

You have a couple of choices with the bras. I wore the strapless bra from Davids Bridal but my dress was corset style which helped. Your other option is to get a corset. And I don't mean a hook-up or zipper corset....the real deal! They sell them at fredericks of hollywood in a variety of colors. It will have a hook-up on the front(it is not fun to try and move it around your body) and the back is 2 sets of laces. Yes, like your lacing up your shoes. The advantage is you get to losen and tighten where you want and you can use it for more than just your wedding day. After a couple of uses the wire will conform to your body a bit but who wouldn't get a little tired of holding up the powerful empire that is your tatas. Hope this helps and happy hunting. ;)