Saturday, February 19, 2011

synchronised tossing and turning

part of me wants to wait up tonight for D to come home, but part of me wants to be in my bed reading right this second.  i try to stay up on saturday nights; it's nice to wait up and see D for a bit before going to bed.  he always works a double on saturdays at the restaurant, so he never gets home until late and as rock star as i am, if i'm going to stay up late i want it to be because 1) i'm tipsy or 2) i'm alone and working on random projects.  by midnight on the weekends i'm kind of sick of hearing the kids bickering and need some alone time.  does that make me a bad person?  i think it's established that i do honestly like the kids, but the do also make me fucking crazy sometimes.  things that do it to me are the disney channel, the constant whiny sounds coming from the couch when one of them is on the wrong side, the way the tv has to be turned up to 70 at all times (really? are they that deaf already?) and how my throw blanket always end up smelling like rancid feet because neither one of them thinks it's important to shower more than once a week. 

well, i guess i'm just suzy fucking sunshine tonight, huh?  excuse me, i'll stop with my own whining. 
maybe i'll just send them to bed so i can have some alone time.  ooh, wouldn't that be novel?  i forget sometimes that i'm a grown up and can do that.  

i got some work done on my invitations today.  i have a good first draft, i bought some awesome brush pens that i'm getting used to, and i think tomorrow i should be able to make one that i like and can use.  my plan is to make a nice hand drawn and lettered version, then scan it and have someone smarter than me turn that scan into a working pdf file.  that way i can change the color of the type to a nice dark brown, and print it here at home on our printer.  here's a sample of what i did tonight,
still fairly rough, but i think for a first draft with a new pen, it's not the worst thing i've ever done. i like the way i worded things, and worst case scenario, i'll just find a font i like and use that.  this part of the wedding stuff is fun, but we only have 90 days left, so maybe i should just get these done and sent out, or else no one will show up at this thing!


Anne said...

I like it! Just a little more practice with the pens and it will be perfect! It looks a little frenchie and reminded me of those pajama pants you used to wear with the poodles and eiffel towers.

milk and cake said...

dude! you made me those pants! and i wore them until the seams finally gave up and they fell apart, quite literally. i loved those things.

wixlet said...

Every mom I know has a thing that her kids do that drives her batshit, and I don't know any moms who are cavalier or only lukewarm toward their kid(s). It is totally par, don't feel bad. In fact, I think you are even more of a badass for admitting that these things get you down AND that you know you're the grownup and have a choice about how you react.

It is hard to live with other people (for me, anyway) and when those other people simultaneously need you and need to Declare Their Independence Right This Minute Through Extreme Television Volume, well, it's even more difficult. I would lay down my life for my kid but he still does things that make steam come outta my ears.