Monday, June 20, 2011


i just spent three of the longest days of my life trying to move out of one house and into another.  OMG i hate moving so much.  i hate that we have a million books, and that a quarter of them are insanely huge and heavy cook books. i have a love/hate relationship to the weather; one day it rained and i hated it, and the next two it was hot and muggy and i hated that too.  oh wait, i guess that makes it a hate/hate relationship.  i hate that we busted ass for three days, but glad that we did because we got more done than i thought we could.  i hate that the kids keep asking me where things are.  um, your guess is as good as mine.  i especially hate being asked if i've seen this or that book.  DUDES, really?  do you see it in the piles?

i do love the icy cold beer i have in my hands right now, knowing i get to take a shower in my rocking new bathroom tomorrow morning,  folding clean clothes, and the feeling of washing your face after a long, dusty, sweaty day.  i'm kind of sad we couldn't convince LuLu to come over with us, but i bet a night alone will change her mind. 

my body and brain are jello.  i do believe i will finish my beer, watch an old movie, and put more books away. 

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Anne said...

I feel for you. This is the part of moving that I like the least. It's so tempting to just replace all the rest of the stuff... I hope you feel better after a good sleep!