Thursday, June 16, 2011

up too late

pretty much every night this week.  then i'm late to work the next morning, confused when my alarm goes off, and generally useless that first hour.  fun times for my co-worker.  if he weren't such a laid back dude, i would be able to raise his blood pressure with my consistent disregard for clocks. 

since getting married, i've seen my husband about three times, and he's taken to sleeping in the living room.  that sounds shitty when i write it down, but it's the truth.  our schedules are complete and total opposites right now, even with all my staying up late.  he works until at least 1 or 2 in the morning, and i get up at 6.  on a good night he comes home as i'm heading to bed and i get a quick kiss before lying down.  this is new for both of us; things at the restaurant he works at have changed (the place itself got a make-over, people are going on and off vacations, and D made himself imminently available, which they've taken full advantage of), we need the money for the move and stuff, and while the wedding was awesome and i'm still glad we're married, this past month has kind of sucked.  in as much as i married a man i don't get to see a lot of, and you know, i kind of like him so that bums me out.  we spend most of our time talking about the move, what's going on with the kids and school (guess what! both decided to have shitty last quarters!), and things we'd do to each other if we had either the time or energy.

while this makes my life sound both boring and shitty, it really isn't.  it's just having a boring, shitty spell right now.  once we are moved, get settled, and start having barbeques in the backyard, i think everything will be a-okay. 

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