Sunday, June 12, 2011

technology i am loving

  • podcasts!  how did i ever live before podcasts?  i love NPR, i love the radio, i love listening to people to talk, but with a podcast i can do it anywhere, at any time.  that is awesome.  
  • wireless internet. i was trying to explain to the girlchild the other day why we used to have "telephone tables," a place where you had the phone and a notepad and often someplace to sit.  i was telling her about how phones used to have cords, and you had to just sit there to talk.  she was aghast.  i kind of feel that way about using the internet now.  weird.
  • my keurig coffee maker.  my co-worker made a wise statement the other day about how coffee makers are costing more money to make smaller amounts of coffee.  while he's right about that, i love that i can pop in that little cup, push a button, and thirty seconds later have a cup of coffee.  i know it's fresh, hasn't been sitting around for a while getting burnt, and i don't make four cups i don't need.  plus, the coffee maker itself is fun to use.  
  • my kindle.  or rather, the boychik's kindle that i like to think i acquired through eminent domain.  (oh really, we all know i started using it and got hooked!)  being that we are in the process of moving about five thousand books from one to another, i appreciate my kindle even more.  there are about forty-five books on there already, and it still weighs the same. 

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