Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sans TV

we've been without the tv for a little over a week.  dropping cable in the summer is kind of cheating; nothing new is on anyway, and it's (supposedly) nice enough to spend time outside doing other things.  however, we are all acclimating pretty quickly, and it wasn't until this afternoon that i actually though, "man, i'd like to go home and plop down on the couch."  FYI, we also are sans couch right now.  the old couch, it was gross.  it was free.  it was ugly.  it got taken to the dump, where the boys were lucky enough to see it smashed into a billion pieces with a very large tractor/trash mover. 

so yeah, no place to flop, nothing to watch tv on, what the hell are we doing?

making friends with netflix.  doing summer homework (that would be the girlchild).  watching insane amounts of kung fu and samurai films (boychik).  playing with the neighbor girls (girlchild!).  painting swatches of paint on the walls (me!).  going through boxes of old art and craft supplies and weeding out old/unused stuff (also me).  making lists of things we want to do in the new house, including,
  • build a storage couch.  this is D's newest idea and i'm open to it.  i figure the hardest part will be the upholstery, but worse case scenario, we can start with a slipcover and go from there!
  • do more embroidery.
  • work on knit xmas gifts.
  • read more (all of us!)
  • grow a small garden.
  • take more shorter/weekend family trips.  
  • go outside more.
  • watch less tv.  hah! fooled you with that one.  
i think we're well on our way.  tonight i actually made a somewhat healthy, home-cooked meal, and am getting ready to go lounge and knit and correct someone's summer homework.  is it wrong how much i LOVE pulling out my red pen?  putting stickers on good work and making what i think are helpful suggestions for the future?  because if it is, then i am oh so very wrong.  man, that's one thing i miss about being a T.A. in college: correcting papers.  i miss that and my tiny, stinky office and drinking shitty coffee late at night while fixing spelling errors and reading essays.  sometimes i think i missed my calling... 


Sarah Lindahl said...

Ten years ago, when we moved to our house we broke the cable addiction and I thought it would be hard but it was just a relief. I thought I'd miss the random VH1 countdowns but I totally don't.

amanda said...

tv can be great in a lot of ways, but it's also a major time suck. i kind of miss a mindless evening here and there, but overall, i am not feeling the withdrawls the way i thought i would!