Friday, January 13, 2012

how can you not love this face?

moreover, how could not love this voice? meet my latest secret jewish boyfriend, eugene mirman.  in the immortal words of troy mcClure, you may know him from his work on bob's burgers (he's the voice of gene), delocated, or from his stand up.  if you know him from any of that, you know he's funny, and for your friend amanda, that's usually all it takes to become my secret jewish boyfriend.  (well, that and you have to be one of the chosen people.) check out the video below, and tell me you don't find him both adorable and hilarious.
Eugene Mirman - Accept Me as Your God
Eugene MirmanComediansStand-Up
hee hee heee!

1 comment:

kc said...

ah! I love him. I first saw him a few years back when he played the maintenance man on Flight of the Conchords :D