Sunday, January 08, 2012

not such a lazy sunday

things i have already gotten done today; took out the trash, took out the recycling, took out the compost (and mixed in some nice dirt and worms and turned the whole she-bang), mopped the kitchen, vacuumed the stairs, did a load of laundry and ate a slice of pizza.  whew.  to be honest, i'm taking a wee break from all the cleaning and organizing, and if there is a better procrastination tool than blogging, i don't know what it is.  (oh wait, it might be watching cartoons.)

the last two weeks i've done some overtime at work.  nothing too major, adding on about half an hour to forty-five minutes each day, but this week when they offered it i declined it.  i might change my mind half way through the week, we'll see, but my brain feels overloaded lately and i think a regular work week will get me back to feeling normal.  it's not that the job suddenly got harder, it's just that there is so much to learn.  seriously.  i don't think anyone ever gets to the point where they can just quote benefits and deductibles and stoploss like no big deal.  plus, the beginning of the year sees a lot of folks with new plans calling for information, and we have been swamped.  you sit down, log into your phone, and you talk for eight hours straight.  one day i actually talked so much my throat hurt, and had to get a cup of hot tea, like some fancy-pants diva.  i think dialing down the amount of time i'm at work right now is okay, even though i feel a bit guilty not taking the extra money.  i suppose it all evens out, and in the end what i want more than a giant paycheck is to come home and not feel fried.

D and i are tackling the household chores today like gang busters, so i have a feeling tonight after dinner it will be super easy for us to fall asleep.  he hasn't been sleeping too well lately, and i've been trying a new mouth guard for my bruxism, which to be honest, i don't know is working that well.  i'm trying a smaller piece, in the hopes that it won't make me drool as much and feel so uncomfortable around my lips, but the flip side to that is the piece feels smaller, and i think i clench my jaw all night trying to keep it in place.  yeah, i'm not grinding my teeth, but i'm waking up with a sore jaw every day.  i think with our new insurance i'm going to go ahead and have a real mouth guard made at the dentist. i know they cost an arm and a leg, but hopefully it will feel better.

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