Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the end of the great poop saga

i am sorry to leave you hanging like that!  the poops did not kill me, i am happy to report.  i was still feeling "off" south of the equator for a few days after i pooped the bed, but slowly things got back to normal.  in fact, tonight i made these delicious individual pot pies from scratch! that's how much better i feel.  i made it all, except the crust because making crust is for suckers.  or husbands.  since my husband wouldn't make the crust, i bought it like a good, modern housewife at the grocery store.  i don't feel guilty about that at all.  i have one of those community cook books that people make and sell for charity, from the town of mobridge, south dakota, that i got an amazing pot pie recipe out of.  my mom picked it up for me one summer when she and my aunties were visiting relatives on the rez.  a couple of my cousins even have recipes in it, ooh la-la! i love those kinds of cookbooks, whenever i find them at thrift stores and bookshops i always feel like i should buy them.  they have funny little stories and great ideas in them, as well as 101 variations on hot dish or tater tot casserole.  delightful!

we had a very nice, quiet weekend.  put some books in bookshelves, cleaned some rooms up, bought major veggies at costco, that sort of thing.  i also started reading the stars my destination, which so far i have found sharp, funny, amazing, rollicking and witty.  how am i just now finding out about this book? i feel ridiculous, but am glad i picked it up.  i don't write book reviews as well as many other bloggers i know, but i will say this: the stars my destination is great, even if you think you don't dig on sci-fi.  however, if you don't dig on sci-fi, we might not be friends.

i've been trying to write some posts at work, in between calls, in an effort to be here more often, and sharpen what writing skills i have.  i always forget you can set up posts to publish at future dates; you don't just have to sit down, write furiously for ten minutes, then hit "publish."  not that i have anything against that, since that's 99% of what i do, but i've been working on some short stories as well and i think spending more time writing and revising might benefit me.  i used to write all the time!  (i used to do a lot of things all the time, didn't we all?) i like writing.  almost as much as i like reading.  almost.

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Sarah Lindahl said...

I'm glad to hear you are on the mend after your humbling bed-pooping.