Thursday, March 29, 2012

i went to the doctor's office,

and all i got was some stink-eye.

i knew that i didn't have the plague, that the cold i've been battling is probably on the wane, but to be safe i went to see the doctor anyhow.  i have a cough that's giving me shaken baby syndrome, a delirious, dizzy feeling most of the time, and am producing mucus in a variety of colors.  my throat hurts, my head hurts, i'm having a hard time breathing, etc. why have health insurance if you aren't using it, right? after the doctor checked me out, heard me cough, he said, "so what brings you in?" um, where should i start? he told me my lungs sounded fine, which is funny because my husband can hear them wheezing from across the room, and that codeine wouldn't do me much better than over the counter cough suppressants, did i want some? when he said it like that, even thought that's why i went in, i said, "oh, i guess not.  if you don't think it will help that much more."  d'oh! i could just smack myself silly.  it's amazing how being in the room with a doctor for all of three minutes can make me so dumb. 

i might call and ask for that script anyway, because a good night's sleep would be awesome.  for everyone.  no matter what, i'm ready for this cold to be gone.  my immune system has been acting all kinds of wonky lately, and i'm hoping i'm just getting all the snot and poop out of my system so that when spring finally arrives i'll be able to just work outside in the sun, and think back fondly on the mucus times, glad that they're over.

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