Monday, March 17, 2008

i'm a monster!

i got the world's worst haircut last night. no, i take that back. the haircut itself is pretty sweet, and the lady did a good job, but it looks horrendous on me. for one thing, it is way too short. when i said three inches below my chin she took that to mean "right at my chin." my bangs looks so ridiculous with this haircut that i have to pin them back, using a massive amount of product and two strategically placed bobby pins. the only redeeming thing about this haircut is that i use less shampoo and i won't have to get it cut again for a long time.

i feel so ugly.

i had a horrible dream last night that my sister was pregnant and her new baby daddy put the kibosh on me seeing any of her kids. i was like, "hey! baby's not even his! he can't do that!" and she was all "sorry, dude, what my man says goes." it was infuriating.

i have to go try to fix myself up for work. i might look like a matronly soccer mom who wanted her hair cut in a "fun and easy!" way, but i want to at least be the best looking soccer mom i can be.


bp said...

It always takes time to get used to changes like that. I'm sure you'll get tons of compliments today and feel a lot better about it. Even if it is as big, bad, and red as you describe, your friends will probably keep you if for nothing other than your invaluable cheese knowledge.

Amity said...

How can you post this without a picture?! Inquiring minds need to know!

Miss Lis said...

Last time I cut all my hair off, about 5 years ago, I paid $60 for the privilege of looking like total butt, I feel your pain...perhaps now is the time to break out some of those cute headbands you were making a while back to tame the bangs.

I also think my hair is thinning, but in the front...oh the horror.