Thursday, March 06, 2008

baby, baby. baby

oh boy. i will start by admitting i have indeed had some wine tonight. some penny wine, so named because the first glass leaves the aftertaste of penny, and some box wine, which is a lot more like candy than i realized. i wish i had bought more than one box. hmmmm....

the fisherman and i have made up. it's weird, but i don't think either one of us is very good at arguments. i want to not talk, he does, and um...that's not so awesome. at the same time, what kind of fight is a good fight? there isn't much awesome in not getting along.

i have a line-up on what sounds like a very cool job, but it's like my grocery store is is psychic. the week i go for something else, they give me forty hours. they not only do that, but then they make a big point of giving me 40 next week, and congratulating me on my sales increases (25% average!). now what? how long will this last? i'm stoked, because getting to know new kids and learning new rules doesn't sound so fun, plus i have a million fantastic ties now, and they are part of my uniform! who needs new work clothes? hmph. i'm not sure what to do or think, but until daylight savings kicks in i refuse to make any decisions. that seems reasonable, right? yay!

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minnie said...

Vim and i have a similar problem. i dont want to talk and he wants to talk but doesnt know how and so wants ME to talk. it's so annoying.