Tuesday, March 04, 2008

want to hear more bitching?

today i was super-cute. i tell you this first, so that the rest of the story makes sense. i did my hair, i put on this new shirt i got with my belated christmas present (a macy's gift card), was all excited about it being sunny and pretty and having the day off.

the fisherman spent all day sleeping, which was irritating enough. i did my errands and shit, then came home to nest a bit. i was making a nice dinner when he decided he had to go to work and fix something minor. i pointed out that he could wait until later to go in, or call in and fix this thing, but he wanted to go and i said, "okay, dinner will be ready in half an hour." he says, "i'll be gone for ten!" if you say to me you'll be gone for ten minutes, you can actually be gone for half an hour before i care. one whole hour, however, is a totally different story.

to be frank, i know i'm a late and pokey person. so i let a bit of that go with everyone else. since i am always five minutes late, i don't consider you late until 15. and even then i don't bitch until 20. tonight, however, i was making a nice dinner, was looking good, and was (i think totally reasonably) upset at him being absent for an hour being some big-shot at work. i know he's the manager, his co-workers are coming to grips with that, and he's there all the fucking time so why take an hour of out his day off to go in?! then he has the gall to get mad at me for being mad and leaves.

he's been gone now for an hour and half. i don't know where he is, or what he's doing (although i suspect he's at work), and i'm annoyed. i think it's okay, and even understandable, that i would be upset. when he wanted to chit-chat and make nice after he came home i told him that i was mad and just didn't feel like talking. then i read some of my book and he got all fussy that i was giving him the "silent treatment" and stormed out. i think i have every right to have given him a little silent treatment, and i wasn't being overly hostile. i told him to watch what he wanted on tv, i was just mad and needed some time to cool off. i am not a big talker when i am upset.

he could have called. he could have waited until after dinner--but to get mad at me for being mad just makes me more angry. the storming out, also not winning him points. am i being unreasonable? is this sort of thing normal? what the fuck is going on. you don't need to answer that one, i'm just thinking out loud.

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