Tuesday, March 24, 2009

out sick

noodle soup with egg, originally uploaded by pinprick.

pretty much everyone i know right now is sick, and i am no exception. it started this sunday when i felt sort of out of it, low energy, start of a sore throat, then it progressed to full-on mucous production. whoo! yesterday was my every-other-monday workday, and i had to call out sick. today i woke up feeling even worse than yesterday, if that's at all possible, and spent the morning whining to D about how lousy i felt, so i called out sick again. bleh. i hate missing work, especially work that is so relaxed and easy, BUT i have to be careful to not get anyone else sick, and i like my co-worker M and he has a whole passel of small children at home. giving him a cold is a fairly jerky thing to do. plus, if i had gone in today i would have had to wear a surgical mask and that just looks plain silly on me.

sometime this afternoon the clouds broke and i had a cup of coffee and suddenly realized that i might not die. bought some cough drops for tomorrow, ate some more soup, and while i'm not ready to party, i might also stay up past six tonight. i'm just glad we all got sick at about the same time (D's got something too, and yesterday found us both vying for couch space and passing out in front of the tv), and once we shake it we'll be able to enjoy everyone's spring break with no snotty noses or hacking coughs.

my mother used to make me this soup when i was sick as a kid; it's just a package of lipton's noodle soup (without the chicken chunks), with an egg poached in it. last night i woke up long enough to make a pot and feed it to everyone before going back to bed, and i swear it's restorative powers are not to be trifled with. it's the great i'm-too-sick-to-make-soup soup, and something about the rich eggy yolk in the soup is amazing. i suggest you try it if you are felled by illness any time soon!

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