Tuesday, March 10, 2009

horrifyingly inattentive

if this blog were a baby, it would have stuck a fork in the wall socket long ago and i would have only just noticed. my friends are also feeling it; my retreat into boy-world. i have become one of those women i always derided for getting too caught up in their man, and part of me feels bad and part of me is still just really enjoying all our time together. i like my friends, though, i like my cat, i liked my life just fine before the onset of D*, and as much as i want to spend every single spare moment up with him, i know it's important that i stop being such an asshole. so there. i said it out loud!

the new neko case album is amazing. although to be fair, the last track annoys me. i mean, i like crickets as much as the next girl, but i think 15 minutes should have been the length. 28 minutes is just way too long. she doesn't do the great-big-voice thing as often on this album as she did on blacklisted or even fox confessor, but i imagine she gets tired of blowing out speakers with her lungs. plus, a softer song needs a softer voice, and this some songs on this album feel beautifully restrained; controlled in a way. tense? i'm not sure that's the right word. but the motifs of animals and natural disasters are lovely and everyone i've played the album for has enjoyed it. granted, i'm talking about three people specifically who indulge me quite a bit. although i have a patient listening to it right now and she hasn't complained yet!

i've been knitting up a storm. i finished a hat that i LOVE and am trying to figure out how long it would take me to knit five hundred of them in every color imaginable, but instead of doing that i adopted the stitch pattern and am making a pair of socks that resemble it. we're not just making out, honest, i get stuff done over at his house too! in between all the face-sucking and cooking, that is. (i joke! kind of!)

*i'm kind of over just referring to him as "the boyfriend." he does, in fact, have a name. instead of using it, though, i'm shortening a joke we have where i call him a "DILF" and he laughs at me, to just D.


Penny B said...

DILF! Love it! I'm ging to start calling my BF that....

dm said...

I had a dream last night that you came to visit and we had a birthday party for you at dan's.