Friday, March 13, 2009

work has been good lately. i still need to finish getting and documenting all my vaccines, which is the fun part of working in the health care field (that and all the free hand sanitizer!). i did have to work with a guy last week who was replacing my beloved K who was out sick and HOLY HELL i hated that dude. if i ever find out i have to work with him again, i'm calling out sick with cancer. he was the most impossible, arrogant, jerky little man. the next day everyone was all smirks and asking how it was working with him and when i got that angry, wild-eyed look they all laughed knowingly. "why didn't you warn me?" i spent all day whining. in any case, besides mr. jerk-pants, i feel like i'm settling into my job and enjoying it more every day.

friday night! no big plans for this weekend, outside of baking some cupcakes for a friend who's having a birthday. the boy child and i want to see the watchmen, so i might try to cram that in sometime. however, it really isn't going to be something the girl child can (or should) see so i'm torn. i don't want to exclude her, by any means, and i know she also really wants to see corraline, so i'm thinking maybe of promising her tickets to that. or something. at ten, i'm not sure how to appease her! i'll have to talk to D and see what he thinks.

other than that, i got nothing! i've been incredibly boring this week. next week i'll try for better!


Miss Lis said...

How old is the girl child? watchmen had a lot of nudity (albeit blue nudity, but still) there wasn't that much violence but what there is is pretty graphic. I absolutely loved Coraline (and actually Sluggo who was the one who wanted to see watchmen said after he liked coraline better) if I was a little kid, like under 8 or 9, it might have freaked me out (but I was a total scaredy cat wuss), older than that I think a kid could really dig it..

milk and cake said...

she's ten! i totally thought the same thing; i don't need her seeing billy crudup's blue junk just yet. she's still young, she should have a normal childhood:-)