Tuesday, May 12, 2009

countdown: 3 days

eek! three days until chicago. i've been all sorts of geeked out and spastic about it, leading to me getting very little done in the way of actually getting ready for my trip. today at work i plan on making yet another list of things i want to bring, things i need to pick up from my house, places i want to go, etc. (i will probably invest in one of those little pop-up maps, just so i can always figure out where i am. i love those things.) so far, here is my list of absolutes:
  • myopic books. sharyn clued me into this, and after checking out the website, i can hardly wait to get there. before i go, however, i'm going to need to make another list, this one of all the books i'm looking for. going into a place like that unarmed is a bit dangerous. you never know what i'd wander out of there with!
  • rotofugi. another sharyn pick! i can never resist the urge to buy fancy toys in a new town. when my sister lived in alameda, we would go into san fransisco just to hit kid robot.
  • vienna beef factory store. OH MY GOD. not only am i going to eat delicious, all beef hot dogs, but i'm totally going to buy a poster of them as well. i wll hang that poster over my bed, so when i sleep at night, i'll have sweet, beefy dreams. yeah, that sounds dirty. do i care? NO.
  • occult bookstore. as much for me as for the boychild, who is all about the mysteries of the occult. i bought him a copy of the necronomicon the other week, with a stern warning that he is not to summon any old ones or demons while he lives at home. he rolled his eyes at me, but i think he understood.
  • cocktails. with chicago peeps as well as with D. preferably, with all of you at once.

honestly, all i want to do is spend some time with my man, out of town, in our funky little hotel, and if we get to see the sights, then i'm stoked. i hear the museum of science and industry is amazing, and i want to see that, as well as some chicago art. i want to wander around, and take pictures, and hopefully get a little sun. i get into town early on friday, and am there until tuesday! that's such a long time to get out of town. whoo! any more suggestions? i'm open to them.


Miss Lis said...

If you're heading over to Myopic you definitely need to go to Quimby's too, they're in the same neighborhood. lots of arty stuff and comic geeky goodness. You'll like it. If you're looking to cocktail in that area, I suggest Gold Star, Club Foot, Handlebar, Inner Town, they're all around there, oh also good is Happy Village.

If you're in the lakeview area (around Clark and Belmont) go to Uncle Fun, cool little toys books and nick-nacks, try the cheap delicious food at Sinbads, or stuff your face for cheap at the Indian buffet at Standard India. And hell if you're already there, go around the corner and say hi to all my lovely Vic peoples.

Downtown, Tokyo Lunchbox, it's a chain but does cheap decent sushi, Boston Blackies does a burger that will make you weep. I can't really reccomend any bars downtown since it IS the axis of evil, but if you're at Michigan and Chicago by Watertower, Pippins isn't awful.

okay i'll stop now. If I wasn't gonna be in NYC next week I would totally hate you right now. Have fun!!

April said...

You always did love the beef. Oberto lunch anyone? :o) Have a great time, I am so jealous. I could use a getaway. Can't wait to see pics! Get some neon for me, I always loved those ones!!!!

Amanda said...

Myopic is over in my neck of the woods. Definitely go to Quimby's and check out their selection too.

If you're game for adventure and are looking for a tasty lunch/brunch after book shopping, take the 56 bus north on Milwaukee and to go Vella Cafe (right under the Western El stop). It's *awesome*.

PS: When is this cocktail hour with your Chicago homies? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

Musem of Surgial Science is cute.

Sharyn said...

Can't believe I forgot to mention Quimby's! Yes! I need to get back there.

Turns out I'm skipping the Pitchfork Fest this year (shooting a wedding that weekend) but hoping to get down in October, for sure, to see Fever Ray.