Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i need something new to read

i'm in the midst of finishing up the dark tower series, which has been a fun little romp. i'm kind of slogging through anathem (sometimes keeping up with stephenson's is difficult for me, i admit. i think i'm smart, but sometimes, not so much!), but what need something that grabs me. the last book i read that i absolutely adored was the yiddish policeman's union; it was quick and smart and had beautiful sentences. you're smart, you think of something for me to read, okay? thanks!


Sharyn said...

I think we have pretty similar tastes (and yeah, sometimes I just give up with Stephenson's more recent stuff - though Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, and Diamond Age will always be faves). Have you tried A. Lee Martinez yet? Totally up your alley! I'd start with Gil's All Fright Diner or In the Company of Ogres.

Tonya said...

Just finished "The Book Thief" and I thought it was amazing. The narrator is "Death." Sounds odd, but Death certainly has a way with words, as well as a dark sense of humor. The story takes place during Nazi Germany, and there are heavy undertones, but it's full of love and life. As "Death" says, "You humans kill me."