Thursday, May 14, 2009

hey, guess who isn't packed yet?

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that would be ME. ahem. i stayed up way too late last night, pretty much doing anything but pack. what did i do instead? ate hot sauce on chips. watched some mighty boosh. painted my fingers and toes. made lists of things i want to pack. played with the cat. angsted about how to break up with my roommate (who is living in a fantasy world if she thinks i'm staying!). read a book. started and didn't finish a million emails.

today at lunch i'll have time to sneak home and put some stuff in order, and then after work i can finish stuff up. i'm staying in seattle tonight because my flight tomorrow leaves crazy early (6 in the morning!). i'll try to blog tonight since i'm not taking a computer with me. D is convinced i won't be able to make it without my precious internets, but i told him, emphatically, that i'll be fine. he said sure, but what about him? "i'm going to have to hear about how much you want to check your email!" i told him that's why i bring paper journals and pens and write postcards. after all, this should be a vacation, and maybe that means i should take some time off from my internet addiction. we'll see how well i fare and how long i last!

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Tonya said...

Funny. When I don't have access to the internets (for blog, twitter, facebook...) I ALWAYS bring along a notebook and a favorite pen. Just gotta write something.

Have a great time on your trip! I've only been through Chicago on the freeway, and waved. I'm looking forward to hearing your stories about it.