Tuesday, May 26, 2009

good morning!

lulu face, originally uploaded by pinprick.

i hope you all had a lovely memorial day weekend. i always have monday off, so for me it was pretty normal, except that everyone else also had monday off, making for a fun time.

on saturday D and i went to a wedding where he made a gigantic cheese cake. it was well over 50 lbs of cake; with 22 lbs of cream cheese, about 60 eggs, four pounds of butter...it was a massive amount of dairy all in one place. needless to say, most of it was eaten, but they sent a chunk of it home with us. i've been telling the kids they have to eat it at every meal, and lo and behold, they actually can get sick of eating cake at every meal. who would have guessed?

lulu and puddin are getting along well. they walk up to each other on occasion and bump noses. i'm not sure exactly what this means in the cat world, but it seems like a friendly gesture to me. they've also been busy being outdoor, jungle cats. i make lulu wear a collar with a nametag on it when she goes outside, but puddin is far too mean and crotchety to ever get stolen so she gets to go out without. lulu is all about climbing trees and jumping over stuff, stalking birds and making wild dashes across the yard. puddin is older and not as spry, but both of them stayed out all night last night and came home this morning hungry and damp from the rain, but in good spirits. it's nice to see them palling around, and i think having lulu around has actually made puddin a bit less crab-tastic.

we did a ridiculous amount of barbequeing this weekend, including some giant spotted prawns. they were crazy delicious. tonight we're going to stuff mushrooms with crab and nosh on leftovers, topping it all off with more cheesecake. i finally got my hands on a copy of role models to watch, and we started part of it last night so tonight we'll finish it. we also bought a copy of fiddler on the roof for the girlchild, and yesterday while folding clothes i pulled it out and we all got sucked in. i'd forgotten how fun that movie is, and how awesome the sing-along parts are. i'm quite possibly the world's worst grown-up, though, becaue i also let the kids rent harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay, which is pretty inappropriate for a 10 year old. it is, however, pretty funny, and we had a good time staying up way too late this weekend and watching movies and goofing off. i love it when we're all home together, and no one has to work. we don't get a lot done, but we do have a good time.


Sharyn said...

Glad that the kittehs are getting along! That can really go either way. After two years mine still have a love/hate thing going on. Sigh.

And the little man and I had a weekend like that. Loads of goofing off and good times.

Lisa said...

Rick Bragg, All Over But The Shoutin', Ava's Man, The Prince of Frogtown.

The man can write a great story.