Tuesday, May 05, 2009

happy cinco de mayo!

or, how i learned to love the pig flu.

cinco de mayo, what a great excuse to drink mas tequila y cerveza and make an ass of yourself. luckily for me, those days are past (and i'm a mite broke). tonight we'll eat bean burritos to celebrate, but only because we happen to have all the fixin's for them. this morning on the radio i was listening to reports that all the big cinco de mayo celebrations in mexico were cancelled due to swine flu, which made me sort of sad. at the same time, it's nice to know that people are at least being prudent when it comes to disease control.

the whole thing with swine flu seems to be an awful lot of hype for a pretty standard flu. the only good thing to come of all the hubbub is that i think more people understand just how deadly the regular old flu can be as well. when you compare the two strains, the pig flu is killing less of us. the only other positive aspect i can see is how many people are rejecting the urge to go out and call everything a pandemic and disaster. it's heartening to think that so many people are becoming more media-savvy, or at the very least, are taking a critical look at what's being presented. that's not to say swine flu isn't dangerous or deadly, but when taken in context, compared to the flu we already know and love, it's not as huge a deal as some would make it out to be.

that being said, make sure you wash your hand and stop picking your nose. no pig kissing, and make sure if you imbibe massive amounts of agave-flavored liquors you have a driver or the number for a cab!

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