Monday, July 19, 2010

adios, facebook!

i've done it before, and i'm not really sure why i got back together with facebook to start with, but i think facebook and i are officially done. for one thing, i am not a fan of farmville, and yet you can't be on facebook for more than a second before it encourages you to play. oh farmville, how can a game be so fucking boring and yet so popular?! i don't get it. is there a secret to playing? if you do well do they send you weed in the mail? can you make real money?

also, every year i watch the ICP infomercial for the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, and it never fails to entertain. video below is terribly NSFW, if you couldn't guess.

you know, i would KILL to find out what a juggalo seminar entails. are there workshops about "how to get a job with a hatchetman tattoo on your neck,"or "how to not make new little juggalos, a.k.a. wrap your dick up, bitch." "how to sweet-talk a juggalette" should be a seminar if it isn't already, as should "make-up applications for inclement weather, a.k.a. how to keep the clown face from runnin'." oh, juggalos! you may not know how magnets work, but you sure do know how to make me giggle.


Cacphony said...

Who's dad's garage did they make that video in?

Anne said...

I'm sad I won't see you anymore on FB. Also, did you know you can turn off the farmville/kill your neighbor notices? My FB experience is much happier now that I don't have to see who has grown what stupid animal or has slain a whole community or bought a whore. Thank God!

MargoB said...

i love the " you'll probably get laid" FANTASTIC promotional video hahah