Wednesday, July 28, 2010

conference call o-rama!

i love conference calls, and i hate them. on one hand, i get paid to listen to stuff my boss is going to tell me anyway while drinking beer in the privacy of my own home. i can blog while conferencing! on the other hand, for some reason it's very difficult for some folks to understand how to mute their headsets, and then you have to listen to their deep breathing or their MRI machines banging and clanking like a garbage truck having a seizure.

tonight's conference call is all about the "merit increase wage freeze." meaning, for over a year now, no one's gotten a raise. now, though, we are supposed to get them back! the freeze is off! i might end up making .36 cents more an hour! i know that part sounds sarcastic, and i guess it is a little, but honestly, i'm stoked that we get raises again. i've been with my company over 18 months, and have never gotten a raise. i also missed out on health benefits for over a year because my manager kind of dropped the ball. i think if anyone deserves a raise, it's me. for one thing, i had to physically remove a lady's dentures today and we all know how much false teeth freak me out. for another, this week i had to deal with some seriously stinky socks.

in also awesome news, the other car insurance company took responsibility today, meaning my car is being taken care of. the boychild fixed my computer, which had a password no one could figure out, so i couldn't update any software or download any new stuff. then tonight for dinner i made tequila lime shrimp tacos, which were delicious. not such a bad day, if i do say so myself.

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