Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh sure, let's make the dead into puppets

tonight we were flipping through channels and trying to find something to watch. i recently discovered we get TCM, and there's pretty much nothing i like more than finding old horror movies to watch. tonight i discovered quite possibly the most ridiculous, disturbing, weird horror film ever. for one thing, the main character is a MIME. he might even be called the world's most famous mime, marcel marceau. for another, it's called shanks. um, hello, but shanks are for stabbing. in this case, it referred to the last name of the main character (aah! a mime!). i can't even begin to describe how strange this movie was, and how thoroughly captivated we all were. i'll let you in on some of the details; mr. shanks is a deaf/mute puppeteer who lives entertains kids and is creepily fond of one young girl. he lives with family members who are mean to him. he uses his puppetry skills on the dead. a gang of homosexual bikers crash a seriously pedophilic birthday party. marcel marceau does a lot of strange, uncomfortable looking things to his body. happy carnival music plays during disturbing scenes. a dead chicken pecks a man to death. THERE IS A MIME PRETENDING NOT TO BE A MIME. it was terrible and wonderful and we couldn't look away. the boychik has decided that this is his favorite movie ever. the girlchild laughed at the most absurd bits, but seemed confused and sleepy. she also got sick this afternoon so she might still be under the weather. D made a snack and laughed his ass off. we all goaded and chided the movie, giggled and talked about how lucky we were to stumble upon such an awful film.

it's not on dvd or video, evidently. so if you see it on TCM, i highly recommend watching it. it's 93 minutes experience.

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