Sunday, January 02, 2011

i almost forgot

i have a little over five months to plan a wedding.  may 21 seemed really far away last halloween, but right this second, it feels decidedly closer.

i've updated the plans and wedding site over here; i know talking about weddings is boring for a lot of folks, reading about them even more so.  if you're curious about the possible train wreck of a party i'm planning though, feel free to check it out!


Anne said...

Just to let you know, I LOVE reading about the wedding. The countdown in days kind of freaks me out, though. Don't look at it very often! I will help in any way! Let me know. Even if it means trudging through David's Bridal again... (he, he ;)!

milk and cake said...

what's funny is that i was totally thinking about you and david's bridal today: it's the annual cheap dress sale for another two weeks! :-)