Sunday, January 30, 2011

mom's island cottage

i have to admit, sometimes sneaking off to the island to hang out with my mom is just what the doctor ordered.  although my mother has the hardest time doing nothing; she really was very sick, and i caught her ironing clothes and taking a shower this morning.  um, hello?  even when i'm in the best of health, no ironing goes on at my house.  hence my nickname, "unmade bed."  my other nickname, "mattress ass" refers to my ability to nap for hours.  notice both nicknames have beds in them, which should tell you a lot about my basic nature.  ahem. 

i did a bunch of knitting, we watched the SAG awards (which was kind of hellish for me; the E! pre-show had the most annoying host), and ate a rare piece of baby animal (lamb, of course).  mom also made me s'mores, because my mom rules.  i had some official indian paperwork to fill out as well, so we looked up all the pertinent information and got that all filled out.  one of my mother's friends came over as well, and wanted to talk wedding.  after about half an hour, i really wanted to just die and avoid the whole thing.  here are a few things that i came away with this afternoon,
  • absolutely, positively, no silk or plastic flowers or shrubbery at my wedding.  sorry, i can't do it.
  • for whatever reason, though, i think a few paper flowers would be nice.  is that hypocritical?
  • i want to hand out those lovely boxes of individual, italian nougats.  they were one of my pop's favorite candy, and i discovered they are traditional at weddings.  plus, the boxes are impossibly charming.
  • i am also serious about only using flowers in season.  it bothers me when i try to find out what's in season so i can pick out flowers for my bouquet (and hair) and everyone says, "who cares?"  or "don't worry about it."  for one thing, i don't want to spend a million dollars on flowers that are out of season.  for another, i kind of think using flowers that are in season means they'll most likely be in better condition than ones forced in greenhouses or flown in from far away.  that's reasonable, isn't it?
  • i don't want to get married in front of a bower or arch or whatever.  the outside at the grange hall is gorgeous, i don't think it needs any other embellishments.  
  • yeah, four months isn't the longest time, but i don't think my situation is all that dire.  four months is better than three!  
whew.  sorry for the strident list.  i got really stressed out this afternoon after talking about the wedding, and then i realized that is still my wedding.  people are going to give me a lot of advice because they're trying to be helpful, and what it boils right down to is that i'm paying for this shindig, so i get the final say.  no one else is writing any checks!  money talks, baby.  wink wink.

also, i watched UP last night.  which meant i laid on the couch and wept like a baby for about an hour.  i kind of think that might not be the best movie for kids.  it's beautiful, and ends sweetly, but there's all that sadness and then danger and then more sadness.  there's enough ennui in that film to power a fleet of teenagers.  ugh.

tomorrow i head home, to do laundry and get ready for the week.  i should probably also take down the xmas tree (don't worry! it's fake!), hit the gym, and order some wedding decoration supplies.  my mother and i will also go shopping next weekend for stuff like tablecloths.  whoo!  i'm going to make her drive so i can drink in parking lots if needed.  who's got a flask?  this bride to be!  

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Anne said...

Yes, Yes and more yes! Also, you go on with your badd-self for only wanting seasonal flowers. I don't think it's out of this world and why else would they have lists of seasonal flowers in martha if it wasn't the thing to do?