Saturday, January 01, 2011

last years resolution round-up

last year i not only wrote down some resolutions, but i put them up here for everyone to see! ha, ha, i suck.  let's look over them and see if i got anything on that list done...
  1. learn how to knit intarsia, or fair isle, or any other sort of picture/multiple color knitting. i like cables, i like lacey things, but i'm ready to learn something new. (i still detest using charts, however. i don't know if that will change this year.)  um, nope.  never did this.  although i did hunt my interasia dvd out and put it next to the tv.  i give myself 1/2 a point for that. 
  2. learn how to make a homemade, epic, sourdough bread. seriously sour, too, not like some of the wimpy stuff you get in stores.  again, no.  i did find a place that sells sourdough as sour as i like it, but unfortunately, that place is haggen and we all know i won't go in there.  every now and then i talk D into popping in and buying me a loaf.   
  3. go back to blogging more often. i've been trying to do something small every day, but i think making it an actual, "i said it out loud" sort of thing will help.  this one i actually did, if you look at my stats.  more entries this year than last
  4. get new glasses. and the pre-requisite eye exam to accompany them.  i totally did this!  i rock!  i also got contacts this year too, for the first time in something like five years.  they itch, which reminds me, i don't really like wearing them. 
  5. the cyst/tumor/mean pea in my hand has got to go. honestly. i'll have someone help me take a photo; the thing's gotten fucking huge and now part of my hand down to my wrist likes to go numb or burn. not cool.  this one i not only didn't do, but probably won't do for a long time.  i did get off my ass and saw a doctor about the thing, but when i heard what my options were (surgery followed by crazy physical therapy, a wicked scar, and then more surgery a few years later), i realized that while my hand hurts sometimes, surgery isn't going to help.  not any time soon, anyway.  
not too terribly shabby, although when you only make five resolutions, keeping two and half of them isn't too terribly hard.  here's a list of things i did do this year that i'm totally proud of but weren't resolutions:
  1. walked a half marathon.  13.1 miles, bitches!  my feet will never be the same, and i have to say, while i'm still not best friends with my body, i appreciate it and am nicer to it now that i know what it can do.  
  2. dealt with some scary and uncomfortable hospital stuff without freaking out.  at some point in my work, all that pretending that weird body things didn't bother me actually became true.  i'm still not okay with dentures, which i think is just one of those things that's always going to give me the willies, like clowns, but i don't shudder or make a face when i see them, so who cares.  
what are my resolutions for this year?  glad you asked.  i'm only going to do a few, because making too long a list just means that much more stuff i will fail at.  
  1. i'm going to part intarsia on my list again.  maybe this year will be the year i do it.  i did some practice with very, very basic color work, and i feel a lot more confident in my knitting abilities in general.  i think with this particular form of crafting, i still have a lot of room to grow, and there are a lot of things for me to improve on.  
  2. should i say it?  i would like to get a little healthier and lose some weight.  there are a few reasons for this, one of which being my back is killing me.  another being OMG fat girl wedding dresses are fucking expensive.  jesus christ, it's not enough that we're expected spend crazy amounts of money on a fluffy white dress we'll never wear again, but then if you happen to be over a size 14 you get to pay more?!  no way.  that last time i lost some weight, i used a food journal, and that worked wonders.  two things helped; less beer and more veggies.  so easy it makes me feel retarded to say it out loud.  
  3. consolidate, simplify, reduce the amount of stuff i own.  i am a bit of a pack rat.  i have been for a long time, i probably will fight the urge to keep weirdo, random stuff around forever, but i've been getting better at letting go of stuff.  plus, now when i move, i have to do it with three other people, and the less stuff we have, the better.  
  4. make a little more time for me.  ugh, that sounds so redbook of me, but i think it's important.  i love D, i love the kids, i love that i have a little insta-family, but i need to make sure i take some time for just stuff i want to do, and for friends.  i might be all into this right now, though, because i've been at home for way too long this break.  alone time makes me happy, and it doesn't have to be a lot of it, but it's easy for me to forget that.  
  5. get a haircut more than twice this year.  at the moment i look like a chubby yeti, and not in a good way.  i like having long hair, but i shouldn't use that as an excuse to ignore it.  it needs a trim.  
five resolutions sound good to me.  what do you think, are you going to make some too?  or are you way ahead of me and have your bullet points ready? 

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