Wednesday, January 12, 2011

medicine ball time, yo

hey dudes, remember that resolution i made about being fitter and stuff?  thus far i'm actually kind of sticking to that resolution.  yes, i know we're only 12 days into the year, but they've been a productive 12 days.

i have been posting about that sort of stuff over here, on the chunkersons blog, because 1) it's a public blog, 2) i really enjoy sarah's other blog and 3) there really is something about saying it out loud that is helping me out.  because it's a public blog, you can also go over there and contribute if you so desire.  in fact, i think you should.

also, tonight i did 20 minutes on the treadmill, 5 on the elliptical (going backwards!) and 30 doing a circuit training course at the tiny gym at the hospital.  i am sore and hungry and feeling kind of badass.  whenever i want to not work out i'm going to remind myself that "zombies lead a very active lifestyle, so should you."   in fact, i believe that should be on a workout shirt. 

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