Thursday, January 27, 2011

ha ha ha

look what i learned today!


it's an emoti-dick!

i had a terrifically shitty day at work.  in fact, this week has been kind of lame, and when i got home tonight i was having one of those "i'm going to run away and join the circus and never wax my 'stache again!" moments.  then the kids were funny, and being nice to each other, and the boychik taught me how to make an emoti-dick and the girlchild and i ate some broccoli and rice casserole and...well, i don't want to run away anymore.  i had a rum and coke and am knitting and thinking about how odd it is that kids sometimes are the worst thing ever and sometimes the best.  they made me laugh when i was in a lousy mood, and you know what?  that's like a super nice thing to do.  that is, quite possibly, the nicest thing anyone can do for you when you feel like ass and work is bringing you down and you feel overwhelmed by life in general.  i'm glad that in some way, they both already know that.     


Joolie said...

The emoti-dick is beautiful! I had kind of an upsetting day, so thank you for paying it forward. Also please enjoy this satellite image of a man-made lake under construction at a swanky new development in Austin:

Joolie said...

Oh, wait, here it is with the link embedded. No one should have to copy and paste after a hard day!

milk and cake said...

dick lake! da-duh da-duh da-DUH dick lake! (that's the batman theme. and the dick lake is SUPREME.)