Monday, January 03, 2011

play like it's 1989!

or something.  i got a DSi for xmas (this one here), and it came with mario cart and i also got some bejeweled.  needless to say, i'm loving it.  my brainage is actually not too shabby (38!), and i'm figuring out how to drive my mario cart slowly but surely.  the kids think watching me play is amusing, because i have a hard time not wiggling around in my seat like i'm actually steering and i say "oops!" "oh no!" and "sorry dude!" way too often.  i am not a cool, composed gamer.  i'm forever making noise and slumping down in my seat. 

the last time i had a video gaming system was sometime in the late 80's.  my sister and i begged for a nintendo console, and got the one that came with super mario bros. and duck hunt.  those were the only two games we ever owned, and we were not very good at playing either of them.  thinking back on it, it was a super fun game for a week and then we both got bored of it and went back to playing with legos and she-ra.  sorry mom and dad! 

i'm looking to get some more mario games (i'm terribly fond of that little dude) and maybe some more puzzle/brain games.  anyone have any suggestions?  what do you like to play? 

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Debbie aka Cheesegirl said...

Professor Layton is good at puzzles etc along with a mystery story and I also liked Puzzle Quest.