Monday, September 27, 2010

sicky sickertons

we've all had a touch of something the past few days, and i think my particular bug is just beginning to sink its claws in.  i feel really poopy.  i wish there were a better description, aside from just...bleh.  gross and tired and with a funky tummy.  D had the barfs yesterday, so i'm just glad i'm not vomiting (yet! knock on wood!).  spent the day cleaning and making bean stew, along with hours spent reading the latest stephen king book, under the dome.  i like stephen king.  i always feel like i need to justify this in some way, because he's not a "serious" author, and he sells a lot of books, but i just like the way he tells a story.  when his books are good, i can hardly put them down, and when they're mediocre, i still usually enjoy myself enough to finish.  i know i'm not going to win any points with readers of serious Literature-With-A-Capital-L, but it was fun to be able to cozy up with D this afternoon and just read.  afternoons where we just lie in bed, reading and talking and snoozing a bit, are pretty much my favorite thing ever.  i also adore the fact that he never makes fun of me when i say, "i need to watch some cartoons now."  he's a good guy, and if i had to be sickly with a bad tummy, there's no one else i'd rather be peaked with.   

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Tonya said...

I LOVE Stephen King. I read a lot of different genres, but King is one of my favorite authors. He can WRITE, and I don't think anybody holds a candle to his gift of characterization.