Saturday, September 04, 2010

oh, also

just a few random thoughts for you:
  • i have decided that when i get my yurt out in the woods, and i build my outhouse,* i'm going to paint it to look like a tardis.
  • i left an apple next to a bag of dried apricots for an afternoon, and then ate the apple.  the apple was like a terrifically crispy apricot, and i loved every minute of it.  
  • reading Bizarro fiction is a little bit like watching someone else's dream.  you have to just go with it, and accept it for what it is, and then it's fun. i have also decided that it's okay to like some of it, and to think some of it is crap.  
  • there is nothing quite as satisfying as a giant cup of fountain soda.  i've read more than one news horror story about the dangers of bacteria growing in soda fountains, and so for the most part abstain, but when i have one, i remember how good they are.  what is it about soda from a fountain that makes it taste so much better than soda from a can?  i bet it's the bacteria.
  • i brought a book with me on this camping trip, like i do every camping trip.  it was something i picked up a few weeks ago, and purposefully set aside for the trip.  i like having something new to read, and this book sounded good.  the first night i realized why it sounded so good: i'd already read it.  the copy i picked up had a different cover, and evidently as much as i enjoyed it the first time, it wasn't enough to remember when i picked it up again.  i am a dork.
*i totally want an outhouse.  i know that's weird, but i think of it this way: i won't need a septic tank, or to be hooked up to a sewer system to have one.  it will be it's own little room, out in the woods, where a girl can poop in the majesty of nature, while reading a magazine.   

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