Monday, September 06, 2010

pacific northwesterly

you know what i love about living in the puget sound? that when the sun finally starts to come out in summer, people are just crazy full of smiles and joy.  we all get goofy and happy and say "hi!" to each other like we mean it.  conversely, this morning the first fall rain started, and i have never seen so many smiling joggers/walkers/runners out and about.  we like the sun, but when things go back to "normal," as in rainy and misty and grey, we all let out a sigh of relief and go back about our routines. 

school also starts in one and half days!  meaning there's the rest of today and tomorrow, then come wednesday morning, see you school age suckers later!  i jest.  a little.  i know the girlchild is excited about going back; she's been going through her new clothes, trying stuff on, picking out new supplies (she and her dad are out buying a backpack as we speak), calling all her little friends.  for her, it's exciting because she's kind of sick of hanging out with a bunch of people older or younger than she is.  the boychik is looking forward to seeing more of his friends as well, although less excited about school actually starting.  i think it's fairly safe to say that we're all looking forward to having a bit more room, as it were.  this house really isn't big enough for all four of us for three months.  we, along with the rest of the pacific northwest, are ready for fall.  ready for crisp air, pot roasts, snuggly jackets and sweaters, and the return of rain boots.     

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