Wednesday, September 08, 2010


my baptist neighbors have become more and more annoying as of late.  it's one thing to reproduce like the fucking duggars, another to get rid of your tv and force your children to sing god songs all night to your ill-tuned piano and guitar.  i mean, isn't that child abuse?!  ugh.  i mean, i'm all happy for their "family unity" and "quality time" but having to hear jesus songs in my living room is one of those things i never thought would happen. 

speaking of child abuse, now that school has started some new television protocols are in place.  personally, i am very pleased with them, but until the children get used to them i have a feeling i'll be hearing more "when can we turn it on?" than i ever wanted to.  the rules are pretty simple and not a big deal; no tv before 7:30 pm, and no tv if homework/chores aren't done.  i love coming home to a quiet house, and i like feeling freed from tv's leash.  yeah, i'm a grown up and i should be able to control my television impulses but DAMN, who doesn't like coming home and making a warm spot on the couch while watching familiar and well loved sitcoms?  i think overall this is going to be good for all of us, and i think after time we'll stop being so hooked on it.  or something.  we might all go insane and the boychik might use his numerous weapons to express his displeasure with us.

how's that for some quality family time?  

(and yes, of course i threw a little party in my brain about the start of the school year.  i also came home for a nooner with D, which was delightful.  don't tell my mom.)

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