Sunday, March 06, 2011

broken record

i spent NINE HOURS yesterday working on my wedding invitations.  NINE HOURS.  if they had super-cap-locks, you can bet i'd be using it right now.  most of that time was spent trying to make my mother's printer cooperate, adjusting it, calibrating it, filling it with new ink and arguing with it.  it was frustrating to not only have to re-write, type and set my invites, but having to deal with that old printer was like salting the wound.  i thought that going over there to work on the invites would be kind of relaxing; i could work and drink coffee out of her awesome keurig, play with maggie and may while things were printing, and visit with mom.  none of that happened but the coffee drinking.  the printer was also quite possibly the SLOWEST PRINTER ON EARTH, and for all those hours working, i didn't even get it all done!  the RSVP cards still need to be finished; her printer did not like the small paper size and basically just sprayed toner at random or just spit out blank sheets until i decided to call it a night.

it was draining work, even thought it was really just me doing nerdy stuff and formatting things.  i came home, watched SNL with the girlchild (miley fucking cyrus was actually pretty fucking funny, much to my chagrin), went to bed at about 2 and woke up this morning with D at 8.  i got up for a few hours and then decided it was cold and i wanted to go back to bed, and the next thing i knew it was 2 in the afternoon!  my mother likes to call me "mattress ass" and honestly, you can see why.  i can't believe the morning got so far away from me!  i'm glad that a big chunk of the printing is done; i can spend some time tonight and tomorrow cutting and putting things together, and hopefully this week i can get to a printer that will accept and work with my small RSVP cards.  it cheers me up to know that the end result of all this work are cute invitations, but days like yesterday made me wish i'd just bought a box of them at the craft store.  (which we all know i could have never done! that would have felt like cheating!)      

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Sarah Lindahl said...

I can't do anything for nine hour much less fighting with a printer. Yuck. "mattress ass" - LOL!