Sunday, March 13, 2011

nuts! we spring forward tonight.

i always forget.  while i love the additional sunlight (or being awake through it, rather than the actual appearance of more sun), i hate losing that precious hour of sleep.

this weekend was kind of a bummer.  i was supposed to go to portland this weekend for the shamrock run, but honestly, my wallet put the kibosh on that.  i knew weddings were expensive before we started planning one, but i guess i thought that wouldn't apply to me because i am not having a "traditional" wedding.  we still have people to feed, invites to send, and through all that, daily life marches on.  kids need to see the dentist, we have a leak somewhere around the tub that needs to be fixed, and for some reason uncle sam still thinks i should be paying him for going to college.  sheesh.

even though i am bummed out that i had to stay home, i tried to make the most of my time here.  i worked on my wedding registry with my mother-in-law (who works at a big bed/bath store), had a nice lunch with her, and then came home and recruited the girlchild in helping me with invite stuff.  we got a bunch of stuff cut out, a whole lot of stuff stamped, and a million envelopes addressed. we also watched a few retarded and fun movies, and i have a good idea of what else i want to get done this weekend.  like santa i am making a list, and checking that shit twice.

it's not as fun as seeing my friends and nephews, but it will have to do this weekend.  sigh.

oh, and i almost forgot the really annoying part of my day;
the boychik had his girlfriend over for most of it.  while she is a nice girl, and i'm not opposed to their union in any way, they are soooo irritating.  i'm not sure there is anything in the world quite as grating as listening to conversations between dating teenagers.  NOW i know why my mother never wanted to meet any of my boyfriends when i was a teenager; it can be awful to listen to them talk and interact with other.  it makes me cringe like nothing else.  teenagers are really very bad at what they do, even more so than the rest of us schmucks since they are basically inventing the wheel all over again.  they are an obstinate bunch too!  you can show them a perfectly good wheel, offer to lend it to them, and they still insist on carving their own out of granite.  jerks. knowing i have to go through this again makes this round even more painful.  this is only the first kid i have, the next will be worse because honestly, as much as i love and trust the girlchild, i can tell right now that i'm going to want to keep her closer to home, which means hours and hours more of awkward conversations, too-loud laughter, weird touching and more kids to feed.  she's too trusting!  she's used to being taken care of because she's the baby, and she assumes people are looking out for her.  she likes boys a lot already, as well.  i don't blame her, but that doesn't mean i have to like it.  i worry about the boy too, but he's always HERE so it's hard to imagine him getting into too much trouble.  if i ever catch him doing anything i'm going to swallow my tongue and die, i just know it.  if i ever catch either of them doing anything, i know my ever-growing streak of grey hairs is going to get bigger.  wait, i think it just did.       

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