Friday, March 18, 2011

meatloaf secrets

your bridal shower ideas were awesome!  i'm sure once i get to mine and have that mimosa (or bellini) in my hand, i will have a good time.  i think i do want to go with the recipe route; one of my absolute favorite xmas gifts ever has been a binder my mom made me of all our favorite family recipes.  she has a pie in there my pop LOVED, my favorite aunt's curried rice and lamb chop recipe, my sister's favorite biscotti.  when my mother gave them to my sister and i, she had us open them up at the same time, and in the front of each was an old polaroid of us each cooking as kids.  we both burst into tears, which is weird, because honestly, we aren't a weeping bunch of women.  it was just so sweet, so thoughtful, and so useful.  we knew how mom made her meatloaf, the exact recipe for twisty xmas cookies, and she had recruited friends and family members to contribute.  it was touching. 

also, today i was pretty awesome stepmom.  the boychik is sick (walking death is what i think they call it), so i not only got him some yogurt to counteract the antibiotics he's taking, i also rented jackass 3 because i know how much he loves those douchebags.  to be fair, i loved jackass 1, it's just that the more jackasses they do, the less i am impressed.  however, i will watch grown men try to hit hard boiled eggs with their penises if it makes my boy happy.  i also brought home megamind for the girlchild and i, because we like cartoons and will ferrell. 

i made a list of the things i have left to do as far as wedding stuff goes, and it's about 15 things long.  in my humble opinion, with two months left to go, that is not so terrible.  if you think otherwise, um, please don't tell me. 

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