Wednesday, March 02, 2011


i was having a pretty good day earlier.  my work schedule was just right; full without being crazy busy, the weather was sunny (albeit windy), and all my patients were interesting folks.  then i got a nice long lunch break and got to go out to lunch with my boyfriend.  we went to our favorite local tavern, the trainwreck, and i ate a ridiculously delicious salad that i had never tried before; an oriental chicken salad.  i don't know why i never tried it before, the chicken was tender and had a great gingery soy marinade/sauce, it had seaweed salad in it (awesome!) and cashews and the dressing had just the right amount of heat in it.  it also had grapefruit segments in it, and normally i hate grapefruit (unless it's in juice form and mixed liberally with vodka) but this was divine.  honestly, i could talk about that salad all day.  unfortunately, my boyfriend was in a crappy mood and guess what?  by the end of lunch, i was too.  instead of hanging out with him afterward, i dropped him off and went back to work. 

i came home still kind of annoyed at how crabby he was this afternoon and thought i would get some work done printing parts of our invites when the computer i was working on just stopped working.  you can turn it on, and all it does is beep at you.  like a dumbass, i didn't back up any of my wedding invite documents on a memory stick or email them to myself because the computer had been working great for the past week.  in fact, yesterday i worked on it for hours without it seizing up!  sure, that computer has had some issues in the past, but it also is the only one with word on it and the only one that printer likes to talk to, so while i knew i was taking a chance i did it anyway.  i could kick myself.  i'm going to have to hope that the magical computer fixing elves show up soon so i can retrieve my documents, or find another computer with word that i can use and re-work everything.  which sounds like so much fun.  SO MUCH FUN.  as a consolation prize, i cut some paper tonight.  whoo. 

so i had half of a good day, an amazing salad, and then an annoying afternoon and evening.  aren't you glad i told you all about it?! 

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melodie said...

Just found your blog today and found myself smiling reading it. thanks. keep up that stamping and cutting- it keeps the stress away.