Thursday, March 31, 2011

hey! how have you been?

things around here have been quiet.  i still have a lot of wedding stuff to work on, most of which i'm ignoring.  i'm a jackass procrastinator at heart.  most of what i have left to do is decoration stuff, and i find that just like baking, i only like to do it after 8 at night.  today i was talking to another girl at work about her upcoming wedding, and she kind of made me feel shitty about my wedding, but then i realized i just tend to feel kind of shitty when i talk to that girl anyway.  she's an eye-roller.  so, i stopped feeling shitty because i realized i was being dumb, and ate a BLT with my boy at lunch.  i'm always amazed at the power a good sandwich wields; you just can't be in a bad mood with a belly full of bacon and homemade garlic mayo.  TRY IT, i dare you. 

oh, and look!  i totally got a ring,
is it gauche to post photos of your engagement ring on a blog?!  if so, sorry.  for a while i was wearing my great-grandmother's engagement ring, which i loved, but D thought it was important for me to have my own ring.  it took a while to get this one, but now that i have it, i am a happy, happy girl.  this has the vintage look i love, but is clean and streamlined as well.  it's not terribly fussy, but oh my, it is sparkly.  i understand now why ladies love diamonds.  the magpie in me can't stop looking at my hand! 

the RSVP cards are coming in fast and furious (yay!).  i read somewhere in my wedding planning about making sure that you put some sort of identification on your rsvp cards; a number that corresponds to a guest, just in case they forget to write their name on the card.  that was great advice, but i got one yesterday that not only didn't have the respondents name on it, but i also forgot to add the numerical code on the front, so i really have no idea who sent it!  whoever it is is totally coming to my wedding, though.  who will the mystery guest be?!  i guess we'll have to wait and see.   

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