Sunday, June 28, 2009


cheerleaders, originally uploaded by pinprick.

it's really no wonder this already has 48 views, even WITHOUT a cheerleader tag. i love flickr, but sometimes it's all pervs, all the time.

took a long drive this afternoon with my man, bought the stuff to make kimchi as well as a jar to get us through the next few days. not to give you too much information, but our guts LOVE the probiotic goodness of kimchi. we've been out the past week, and agree that we feel a lot more awesome when we're full of kimchi. true story.

i have to say at first i was simply surprised about michael jackson, but now i am in fact, kind of sad. watching old videos of his the other night with the boychik i realized how awesome his dance moves were and how far-reaching his influence was (is). his lifestyle and the stories about him the past few years were nothing but sad and/or weird, but his passing is still untimely and unfortunate. what a strange week with farrah, billy mays, ed mcmahon... crazy celebrity deaths!

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Joolie said...

I always crack up at the pervy flickr traffic spikes. A not very good picture of my (male) friend's feet that was just intended to show how badly we needed to mop was a huge hit and got a lot of comments like "Hehhee those some dirty feet U better wash em LOL u got ome more?"

Ugh. But your cheerleader picture makes me happy, in the most wholesome way possible.