Tuesday, June 30, 2009

free cat!

puddin in a basket, originally uploaded by pinprick.

she's onery, old and supremely crotchety. however, i'm pretty sure i can hand her off in her basket and she wouldn't notice she was someplace new until she got out 20 hours later for a nibble and a pee. true story. dear new yarn basket, sorry the evil kitten moved in. maybe when she's gone we'll actually put yarn in you!

our roommate moves out this week. it feels kind of sudden, but only because the end of the month totally snuck up on us. on the one hand, having the place all to ourselves is kind of nice, and we'll have more room, but i feel kind of bad about it too. i hope he's moving because he's found an awesome place and is excited about it, not because he feels like he has to. i know living with a couple isn't everyone's cup of tea, and i did just kind of happen to that house without much of a preamble. i just hope the roommie knows that we like him very much*, and having him in the house wasn't a big deal at all. it doesn't feel like an angry split; if we were a celebrity couple i'm sure the headlines would all talk about how amicable this all is and how we all have deep respect for one another and will continue being friends. just once i'd love to see a headline along the lines of "demi and ashton split, demi says ashton is a douchebag!"

our weekend was spent rearranging stuff, lounging in the sun, discovering a new asian grocery in bellingham (whoo!), and tending ot D's fussy tummy. he's got something going on down there, which has got me all paranoid about every little burp and rumble; both from his tummy and mine. i made an awesome green curry with noodles last night, though, and even though they were probably too spicy, he ate some and seemed to enjoy them. i also picked up some super cute patterns and fabric, hopefully sometime this week i'll get to work on them. work has been crazy busy, which is good for the pocketbook, and hopefully this time next month we'll have the kinks worked out of our budget and have some savings started.

*i will admit i'm not a huge fan of his girlfriend. although lately i've found her a lot more pleasant than normal, so huh. of course she's not disagreeable now, she's on her way out!

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