Wednesday, June 24, 2009


last night a whole flock of mosquitoes found their way inside the house. (this probably has something to do with all the doors we leave open when it's nice out.) in any case, i got bitten something fierce, including two big bites on my face. i'm mildly allergic to mosquito bites; on me they swell to a giant size, and the one on my forehead has visibly misshapen my brown. read that last part slowly and out loud, "visibly misshapen my brow." i'm a monster i tell you! the lump is about the size of half a golf ball, and combined with the bite on my cheek, one side of my face is all lumpy and itchy and red. when i pointed it out to a co-worker this morning she said, "oh my gosh..." and didn't even try to tell me it wasn't that noticeable. that's how bad it is.

i feel like the elephant man.


Anne said...

benedryl and topical cortisone?

chez shoes said...

Seconding the benedryl. I get this same reaction, and it really helps.

Jen said...

I make a mixture of benedryl cream and neosporin plus