Monday, June 15, 2009

ding dong

the witch is dead! i got my last batch of belongings out of my bitch-ass roommate's house and i feel fan-fucking-tastic. i did not want to do it today, no--i lay in bed all morning telling D i was tired and didn't want to go, but once i put my bike on the back of my car, left my key, and drove on out of there i felt like a brand-new woman. a relieved one! if i never talk to her again, it might be too soon. my roommate's house was a good fit for me at first, but once i moved out of the bad place i was (mopey and freaked out by the end of my relationship with the fisherman) it was like a too-tight pair of pants. serviceable, but not comfortable.

we've been working on integrating my stuff into the family's, and so far it's going well. D has been seriously conscious of giving me enough space and making sure i feel welcome. it's true we've been de-facto shacking up for a while now, but moving in for real feels different. i'm looking forward to getting the rest of my stuff out of storage and finishing my nomad days once and for all.

this weekend the kids and i went to the drive-in again. we saw land of the lost and the newest terminator movie. land of the lost was absurdly retarded; kind of like watching a surrealist painting with sex jokes, but don't let that make you think we didn't enjoy it. we did. i will say this, however, not a kid's movie. i fell asleep and missed the beginning of the terminator movie, but what i saw was totally enjoyable. the boychik loved it, so i have a feeling we'll be renting it so he can watch it with his pop too. on the way into town we stopped at Saars Marketplace in Oak Harbor to pick up groceries. specifically: ramen. we love the spicy ramen, as well as the other awesome asian flavors, and there really isn't anyplace in the skagit valley that has a good selection.* we loaded up on noodles, kimchi, mochi, hello pandas and ramune sodas (the kid's first). speaking of kimchi; D has been convinced he doesn't like it for a long time now. whenever i mention a craving for it, he balks. this morning we got up late and had ramen for brunch and i opened up the kimchi to add a little to mine. he tried a bite, and that's all it took. we spent all morning looking up kimchi recipes, eating it, and making plans to make our own batch this weekend. the little jar i bought is over 3/4 of the way gone, and we've spent most of this afternoon trying to convince the kids that it's amazing and they need to try it. dear kimchi, i love you. thanks for being so crunchy and spicy and awesome!

*unless there is and i don't know about it! if you know something i don't, please feel free to let me know.


Joolie said...

At first I read that as Sears Market, then Sars Market. I think I need new contacts. Anyway, congratulations on the official shacked-upedness!

milk and cake said...

we always call it "avian flu" market, because, you know, sars... and we are horribly immature!

PinkPrune said...

Now I am craving for kimchi.