Saturday, June 06, 2009

unhappily ever after

we went to a wedding yesterday that had a less than happy vibe going on. it wasn't overtly terrible and nothing dramatic happened, but it didn't feel like a very joyous day for anyone involved. it was the sort of wedding where every one's toast to the bride and groom alluded to "trials" and "rough times," instead of "mazel tov!" and "i love you, man!" i was kind of hoping the sister of the groom would get wasted and cause a scene, and she almost did when she bought a formal, white gown to wear that day, but she was talked out of it at the last minute and it was a cash bar, so no dice there. dammit! there was nothing you could really put a finger on, but when i think of a wedding, i think of an awesome party and hopefully a short service that makes people want to hug and kiss their loved ones and then dance all night. this was not that scene.

D made the cake and it was as delicious as it was lovely. the kids and i got to get dressed up and go, and the buffet dinner was great. overall, it was a pretty fun day, even if the wedding was a bit lackluster. i also thought the pastor was a bit of a dick. sure, the wedding was held at a casino, in one of the banquet rooms; but did he really need to make a big point of asking people to "put aside their drinks and cigarettes so we may make this a holy moment" before starting the service? for one thing, no one even had a cocktail at this point, and for another, you weren't allowed to smoke in the room. it was an odd and jerky touch, if you ask me. this was the pastor D grew up with, but i hope he doesn't think he's going to get near our wedding. when he tried to make small talk with me, i shoved some food in my face and nodded vacantly. it's my hope he thinks i'm mildly retarded and doesn't try again.

at some point i know i won't think of my pop so much, but the father-daughter dance part of the wedding made me sad. i don't even think pop liked dancing (besides with mom in the kitchen), but it was a nice moment for the bride and her dad and it left me misty and a bit melancholy. it also makes me wonder if i should walk down the aisle alone or commandeer an uncle for the occasion. maybe i'll drop in via helicopter just to sidestep the whole issue. or be shot out of a cannon and right into the middle of the festivities. maybe we can rent a tiny clown car and all pile out of it at once, or i can learn to ride a unicycle and roll in juggling. i have a whole year and a half to learn...


Lisa said...

At least the cake was lovely!

I had my sister and brother walk me down the aisle the last time, since I didn't have Dad or Mom. Maybe ask you Mom and Sis?

My next choice would be the tiny clown car.

Anne said...

Mom walked me down the aisle.

Tonya said...

Yup, it could be anybody! You and D could even walk down together. (That could be cool!)