Monday, June 08, 2009

this is post 1,100! crazy.

(i am composing this post while half-heartedly listening to a work conference call. just so you know.)

you've known me long enough to know that i hate moving. moving makes me depressed in a strange way, even when i'm moving out of one awful place into an awesome one. this time, i'm leaving behind a drunken drama queen who's morbidly obese daughter steals my shit to move in with my handsome husband-to-be and his rad kids. yet i still find myself kind of melancholy. i haven't actually lived there in over two months, but for some reason packing my shit up and getting it out makes me sad and pokey. i was trying to explain that to D and i ended up just saying, "it's just one of my little nuerosis." because really, that's it. there's no good reason to feel sad about leaving a house i didn't enjoy to move in with people i love, but it's there anyhow. i haven't been over there in over a week, even, to get the last of my things because the thought of that house makes my tummy hurt. god, i am such a baby. i just need to get some big plastic garbage bag together, grab my boxes and get over there and get my shit. i'll take the boychik over later this week; having him there is a nice buffer. no one messes with me when the kids are around because they know that's something i absolutely will not tolerate. my roommate can be a bitch to me, but if she starts with my boy, she's likely to get a moutful of my fist. wow. that last sentence made me sound like a badass!

we barbequed giant, ridiculously massive turkey legs last night for dinner. (see above!) i highly recommend doing this if you run into them at the store. it takes some time to cook them, but it is totally worth it. we rubbed them down with a blend of smoked salt, garlic, olive oil and smoked paprika. we made three of them to feed the four of us, and had enough left over to make turkey burritos with the leftovers today. they were also cheap, which is nice in these tough economic times (cue sad NPR music here). in short, if i were to suggest an unusual cut of meat for cookig on fire, i'd like to nominate turkey legs. i'd also like to encourage everyone to bbq more, out back, with your friends and family, drinking beer and playing frisbee while meat and veggies cook. it's just a nice way to end your day.

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