Thursday, July 02, 2009


look at this photo! why am i not camping in the desert in an airstream right this second? i saw this photo over on boing boing, via this amazing site, and had a palpable feeling of longing in my heart. truth be told, if i could, i would live in a sleek, silver airstream and be a happy, happy girl.

every time i see one i am reminded of the first time. i was in high school, and while i'm sure i'd seen airstreams on tv or on the road before, a friend of mine took me out to her dad's for a visit. i had what i still think of as my very first, airstream moment there. her father lived in one of those build-it-yourself single room log cabins on some property out in the skagit valley and wanted the world to think he was a die-hard hippie (when really, he was just kind of a pompous ass, in a balding, pony-tail, beret wearing kind of way). instead of a house, he had his cabin with a loft, and his office, where he kept his nautical maps and books, was a small airstream trailer.

the moment i stepped into it i was hooked. the way the walls curved gracefully up and around, the built in benches and cupboards and shelves, the cute formica folding table; it was all just perfect. i loved the way everything had a place, how no space was wasted, and how it managed to do that all while being impossibly cute. i remember his trailer had blond wood paneling in it, and faded linoleum on the floor, and i'm pretty sure i could spent all day there and not run out of thing i found amazing about it. from then on i noticed airstreams everwhere, and couldn't help but wonder what they looked like inside and how i could get my hands on one.

that part hasn't happened yet, but i'm still hopeful. maybe someday that will be in the desert or forest, with my little silver dream and a folding chair and some cheerful lawn gnomes.

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