Thursday, July 23, 2009

blue door

blue door, originally uploaded by pinprick.

i recently got my tax refund back. what i want to do with it is buy a new little camera; my trusty canon still works, but i've had it forever and it's all scratched to hell. if i got a new camera, then the kids could have my old one, making it an awesome win-win situation! alas, i won't be getting one because even with my newfound monies, i have other stuff that's more important to buy. or pay off. i did get myself an awesome pair of shoes for work; the dansko mae, which i hunted for on ebay FOREVER until i found a pair in my size and cheap. normally $125, i got my pair for $35 + shipping. whoo! they are prettier and way more comfortable than my other danskos, which pinch my heel like a sonofabitch.

i also bought some scrubs for work, which are delightful. scrubs are the best idea anyone ever had for clothing. remember how in the movies of the future, everyone was always wearing the same thing? or variations on a theme? it was as if in the future picking out what to wear had become obsolete. i for one, would like to suggest we earthlings adopt scrubs as our uniforms of the future. they are light, they are comfortable, they can be worn with a coat or sweater if you are cold, they come in a million different colors and you can throw then in the washer and drier with impunity. scrubs ARE the future, kids. how have nurses held out on us for so long? as a non-medical professional (ha!) working in a semi-medical field, i would just like to pass this information on to the rest of you. if you don't wear scrubs, you are missing out. if you can get away with wearing them, i'd like to highly recommend it. if we can't wear scrubs, let's at least all start wearing cozy jumpsuits, a la bottle rocket.

the house is quiet with only one kid at home. D and i looked at some new possible wedding venues. if you want to hear me talk about wedding stuff, you can click on "about me" and check out the afterthough blog i have listed there. if you don't want to hear about it, i totally understand. weddings are boring to everyone but the bride and groom, and even then i'd say are only really interesting to about half the folks involved. i'm all about the tv show 30 rock lately, and wish i were as cute or funny as tina fey. my sewing room is coming along nicely, and i hope you are having an awesome thursday!


B. Petersen said...

Why do you think I became an RN? : )

Tonya said...

You might want to check out Beau Lodge in Alger. ( It was my great grandfather's homestead and was in the family for decades. It isn't any longer; the new owners have built this lovely sprawling lodge on this gorgeous property (for weddings, etc.) We had our family picnic there a couple of years ago and it was SO COOL! Not only to have it there because of the family history, but because it was a very special place. The grounds are lovely, too (and it has a pond!) We were very impressed.

milk and cake said...

the beau lodge is lovely! we'll have to go check it out. thanks for the tip!