Saturday, July 04, 2009


good morning, it's the fourth of july! why am i up so early, you ask? D had to work early this morning, so i got up with him. the last few days off i've had i have totally squandered, and today i am determined to do something with the day. last night we folded all the clean laundry, today i may wash stuff like pillows and comforters and then hang them up outside in the sun. our roommate is almost all the way moved out, which has opened up a lot of room in the house. i'm unpacking stuff, getting stuff ready to sell on ebay (goodbye, vintage vogue knitting magazines), making lists that hopefully i'll cross lots of things off on. the kids spent the night at friend's last night, meaning i have a bit of time to myself this morning to get stuff started. D works all day and probably all night; it's just the three of us for the fourth festivities tonight. i'm trying to hunt down the firework shows for tonight, we might go out and watch some, or we might just hang out at home. my mom wants us to come out to the island and see them there, which sounds like fun as well as an awful lot of driving.

hope you have a great day! enjoy the fireworks, don't blow your fingers off, and eat some macaroni salad for me. ooh, maybe that's what i'll put on my list! macaroni salad and maybe a poke-cake. how better to celebrate our nation's idependence than with a cake made with jello?!

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